Marcelo Kallmann
Lab Founder and Director

(If you are an interested student, please read the information for students in my web page)

PhD Students

Alain Juarez-Perez
Renato Farias

MSc Students

Hanbin Tao


Liz Arikawa, and Sarah Ibanga

Current and Past Collaborators

Jay Han (UC Davis Medical Center), Mubbasir Kapadia (Disney Research Zurich), Ari Shapiro (USC-ICT), Miram Barlow (UCM), Eric Brown (Yale), Stefano Carpin (UCM), Teenie Matlock (UCM), Carlos Coimbra (UCSD), Maurizio Forte (Duke), Petros Faloutsos (York).

Alumni and Past Affiliates

Carlo Camporesi, PhD - Graduated March 2015. Now working for Avametric, San Francisco, CA.
Anthony Popelar, BSc - Graduated 2014. Now working for Microsoft.
Andreas Anderson, undergraduate student, contributed to projects in 2014.
Robert Backman, MSc - Graduated Dec 2013. Now working for Avametric, San Francisco, CA.
Oktar Ozgen, PhD - Graduated May 2013. Now co-founding Indoora.
Mentar Mahmudi, PhD - Graduated May 2013. Now a postdoc at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - EPFL.
Yazhou Huang, PhD - Graduated Dec 2012. Now Lead R&D Engineer at EON Reality, Inc., Irvine, CA.
Selcuk Sumengen - International PhD student from Sabanci University, visited during 2009-2010.
Ning Suo - International graduate student, visited during 2008-2009 period.
Michael Lombardi - Performed his undergraduate project under the BA Star Program in summer 2008.
John Watson - Completed his undergraduate project in 2007.
Jiang Xiaoxi, MSc - Completed her MSc thesis in December 2007.
Radoslav Zlatev - Undergraduate international visitor during summer 2007. Now pursuing PhD at Cornell.
Ryan Cary - Completed his undergraduate project in 2007. Transferred to the EECS undergraduate program at UCSD in Fall 2007.