Marcelo Kallmann
Lab Founder and Director

(Note: I have moved to a full time position at Amazon Robotics and will not be able to work with new PhD students.)

PhD Students

Xiumin Shang
Ritesh Sharma
Maryam Khazaei Pool


To be updated.

Past Collaborators

Jay Han (UC Davis Medical Center), Mubbasir Kapadia (Disney Research Zurich), Ari Shapiro (USC-ICT), Miram Barlow (UCM), Eric Brown (Yale), Stefano Carpin (UCM), Teenie Matlock (UCM), Carlos Coimbra (UCSD), Maurizio Forte (Duke), Petros Faloutsos (York).

Alumni and Past Affiliates

Renato Farias, PhD - Graduated Summer 2020. Currently working as instructor at UCM.
Yusuke Niiro, MS - Graduated May 2019. After graduation joined TEOI's Zukun Lab to work on face animation.
Alain Juarez-Perez, PhD - Graduated May 2018. After graduation moved to Visual Concepts in San Rafael to work on NBA 2K.
Liz Arikawa, undergraduate student, contributed to projects in 2017. After graduation moved to Intel.
Hanbin Tao, MSc - Graduated August 2017, now adjunct faculty at the Art Institute of California.
Carlo Camporesi, PhD - Graduated March 2015. Then moved to Avametric, San Francisco, CA.
Anthony Popelar, BSc - Graduated 2014. Then moved to Microsoft.
Andreas Anderson, undergraduate student, contributed to projects in 2014.
Robert Backman, MSc - Graduated Dec 2013. Then moved to Avametric, San Francisco, CA.
Oktar Ozgen, PhD - Graduated May 2013. Now co-founding Indoora.
Mentar Mahmudi, PhD - Graduated May 2013. Then postdoc at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - EPFL. 2017 Update: now Artificial Intelligence Expert at Audi.
Yazhou Huang, PhD - Graduated Dec 2012. Now Lead R&D Engineer at EON Reality, Inc., Irvine, CA.
Selcuk Sumengen - International PhD student from Sabanci University, visited during 2009-2010.
Ning Suo - International graduate student, visited during 2008-2009 period.
Michael Lombardi - Performed his undergraduate project under the BA Star Program in summer 2008.
John Watson - Completed his undergraduate project in 2007.
Jiang Xiaoxi, MSc - Completed her MSc thesis in December 2007.
Radoslav Zlatev - Undergraduate international visitor during summer 2007. Now pursuing PhD at Cornell.
Ryan Cary - Completed his undergraduate project in 2007. Transferred to the EECS undergraduate program at UCSD in Fall 2007.