I'm an Animation Engineer at Visual Concepts. I obtained my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Merced on May 2018, where I worked at the UC Merced Computer Graphics Lab under the direction of Marcelo Kallmann. I have a B.S. in Computer Science from the Universidad de Guanajuato.
My main research interest is Computer Animation, specially human-like animation synthesis, human motion machine learning and motion planning.


  • Detection and Synthesis of Full-Body Environment Interactions for Virtual Humans
    Alain Juarez-Perez and Marcelo Kallmann
    Computer Graphics Forum (CGF), 2019
    Presented at Eurographics 2020
    [Wiley page] [Eurographics 2020 presentation]
  • Fast Behavioral Locomotion with Layered Navigation Meshes
    Alain Juarez-Perez and Marcelo Kallmann
    Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D), 2018
    [paper] [ACM page] [video]
  • Coordinating Full-Body Interactions with the Environment
    Alain Juarez-Perez and Marcelo Kallmann
    Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA), poster abstract, 2017
    [paper] [ACM page]
  • Full-Body Behavioral Path Planning in Cluttered Environments
    Alain Juarez-Perez and Marcelo Kallmann
    Motion in Games (MIG), 2016
    [paper] [ACM page] [video]
  • Modeling Data-Based Mobility Controllers with Known Coverage and Quality Properties
    Alain Juarez-Perez and Marcelo Kallmann
    Digital Human Modeling, 2016
  • Deformation, Parameterization and Analysis of a Single Locomotion Cycle
    Alain Juarez-Perez, Andrew Feng, Ari Shapiro and Marcelo Kallmann
    Motion in Games (MIG), poster abstract, 2014
    [poster] [abstract] [ACM page] [video]

Locomotion project

I've been in charge of generating a simple locomotion engine using deformation and a limited number of clips for the locomotion.

In the video, 3 annotated clips were used for the synthesis of the motion. The position of the root is freely deformed from the original data while IK and blending maintains the feet constraints and smoothness of the motion. It requires a minimal amount of computing resources.


You can download my CV here.