Inverse Blending Demo

New: A standalone simplified version of our inverse blending method for motion parameterization in now available. The package comes with example datasets collected as part of our past HCC NSF project. The current version is preliminary, and additional motion data (and code updates) will be coming soon. Available here.

Tripath Toolkit

A standalone version of our triangulation and path planning methods, including an implementation of the LCT work described in the SCA 2010 paper. Available here.

STIK: Swing-Twist Inverse Kinematics

A new implementation of the analytical IK directly solving for swing-twist joints and with collision and limits avoidance. Available here.

NEW: SIG Toolkit

Most of the software develloped in our research work is being integrated in the new project SIG, to be soon released in a public repository under the Apache License Version 2. Just email us for an update.

P.S. SIG is replacing our old platform GraphSim, which is no longer maintained for public releases.

Note: The software developed by the Graphics Lab is distributed for noncommercial use only, and without any warranties. Specific distribution terms are available within each distributed package.