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The available package is standalone and comes with the needed subset of our internal library graphsim. The code is highly portable to any platform, however, it has been only tested in Windows and only comes with visualc 2010 project files.

The package comes with example datasets collected as part of our HCC NSF project completed in 2013. The current version is preliminary and contains only one dataset of pointing motions. Additional motion data (and possibly IK code updates) will be coming soon (sorry for the delay...).

For more information see links below:
Planning Motions for Virtual Demonstrators: [paper] [video]
Motion Parameterization with Inverse Blending: [page]
An Analysis of Motion Blending Techniques: [paper] [video] [video hires]
Our Publications Page: [here]

Main features


If you use our software or data, please cite our papers and this "Inverse Blending Toolkit" webpage. This work was supported by NSF award IIS-0915665.

Current Version

The first version has been released (July 2013).


Just click the download button below. The code is freely available for noncommercial use only and at your own risk. By clicking the button below you acknowledge that you are aware of the distribution terms. (you will need 7zip, a free file archiver tool)