NEW: Slides of the talks and posters are available [here]

Wednesday - June 4
12:00 Registration Starts
Teenie Matlock, University of California, Merced
1:45-2:00 Introduction to UC Merced
Jeff Wright, Dean of Engineering - University of California, Merced
Session 1 - Virtual Humans
Session Chair: Victor Zordan - University of California, Riverside
2:00-2:45 Keynote 1: The Quest for Real-Time Virtual Human Control
Norman Badler - University of Pennsylvania
talk given by: Jan Allbeck - University of Pennsylvania (last-minute change)
2:45-3:10Modeling and Animating the Gesture Style of Particular Individuals
Michael Neff - University of California, Davis
3:10-3:35Embodied Conversational Agents With Realistic Speech And Language: Science and Applications
Dom Massaro - University of California, Santa Cruz
3:35-4:00 break
Session 2 - Perception and Control
Session Chair: Shawn Newsam - University of California, Merced
4:00-4:25Exploring Human Body Shape and Motion
James Davis - University of California, Santa Cruz
4:25-4:50Motion Aftereffects Without Motion: Engaging the Human Motion Perception System With Still Photographs
Jonathan Winawer - Stanford University
4:50-5:15Transformationed Social Interaction: Avatars Animated According to Our Optimal Selves
Jeremy Bailenson - Stanford University
5:15-5:40Control of Humanoid Systems
Luis Sentis - Stanford University
5:40-7:00 Poster Session - program
7:30-8:30 Dinner
Thursday - June 5
Session 3 - Cognition and Motion
Session Chair: Paul Maglio - IBM Almaden Research Center
8:30-9:15Keynote 2: Embodied Cognition
Dana Ballard - Univerity of Texas at Austin
9:15-9:40 Motion Planning for Virtual Humans
Marcelo Kallmann - University of California, Merced
9:40-10:05 Humanoid Push Recovery Through Simple Models and Learning
Ambarish Goswami - Honda Research Institute USA
10:05-10:30 break
Session 4 - Reusing and Modeling Character Motion
Session Chair: Marcelo Kallmann - University of California, Merced
10:30-10:55 Just Noticeable Differences in Motion Transitions
Bobby Bodenheimer - Vanderbilt University
10:55-11:20 Using Motion Capture in Control for Physical Characters
Victor Zordan - University of California, Riverside
11:20-11:45 Animating Virtual Character Locomotion and Other Oscillatory Motions
Paul Kry - McGill University
11:45-12:10 Integrated Virtual Humans for Embodied Cognition
Patrick Kenny - USC Institute for Creative Technologies
12:30-2:00 Lunch
Session 5 - Animation and Cognition
Session Chair: Bobby Bodenheimer - Vanderbilt University
2:00-2:45Keynote 3: Autonomous Virtual Humans: From Biomechanics to Cognition
Demetri Terzopoulos - University of California, Los Angeles
2:45-3:10Emergent Teamwork
Craig Reynolds - Sony Computer Entertainment
3:10-3:35 SteerBench: A Framework for Evaluating Steering Behaviors
Shawn Singh - University of California, Los Angeles
3:35-4:00 break
Session 6 - Closing Session
Session Chair: David Noelle - University of California, Merced
4:00-4:25 UC Discovery Grants
Mona D. Lee - Industry-University Cooperative Research Program, University of California (last-minute update: cancelled talk)
4:30-5:45Discussion Panel
Lead by Michael Spivey - University of California, Merced