Personal Projects

I have been involved in many cool projects. These are few of them. Click on the images for more detailed descriptions of each project.

3D Printer: 3D modeling is cool, but it adds a whole new dimension when you can hold the model in your hand.

Death Ray of Doom: For my capstone design class we built a two axis solar tracker that can boil water or instantly turn a 2x4 into a ball of fire.

LED Circuit Board: I designed and built a large LED circuit board with over 30 thousand components.

Robotics: My early research was in humanoid robotics which lead to my current research in physics-based character animation.

BlockBlaster: My first iPhone game 'Blockblaster' is a side scroller shoot'm up that lets you endlessly destroy blocks.

Pottery: I have been involved in wheel thrown ceramics for over 10 years.

Kinect: I have been involved in several projects using the Kinect SDK.

MOrbital: My newest game 'MOrbital' is a great way to learn about orbital mechanics. It is free to download and in in-App purchase gives you more features and removes adds.