Underwater Cloth Simulation with Fractional Derivatives  
  We introduce the use of fractional differentiation for simulating cloth de formations underwater. The proposed approach is able to achieve realistic underwater deformations without simulating the Eulerian body of water in which the cloth is immersed. Instead, we propose a particle-based cloth model where half-derivative viscoelastic elements are included for describing both the internal and external dynamics of the cloth. These elements model the cloth responses to fluid stresses and are also able to emulate the memory-laden behavior of particles in a viscous fluid. As a result, we obtain fractional clothes, which are able to correctly depict the dynamics of the immersed cloth interacting with the fluid even though the fluid is not simulated. The proposed approach produces realistic underwater cloth deformations and has obvious advantages in simplicity and speed of computation in comparison to volumetric fluid simulation approaches.  
Underwater Cloth Simulation with Fractional Derivatives
Oktar Ozgen, Marcelo Kallmann, Lynnette Ramirez, Carlos FM Coimbra
Transactions on Graphics (TOG)
Presented at SIGGRAPH 2010
Main Video (92.9 MB)  Supplemental Video (15.2 MB)
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