Directional Constraint Enforcement for Fast Cloth Simulation  
  We introduce a new method that greatly improves the iterative edge length constraint enforcement frequently used in real-time cloth simulation systems for preventing overstretching. Our method is based on the directional enforcement of constraints and on the simultaneous progressive scanning of the cloth edges, starting from fixed vertices and propagating on the direction of gravity. The proposed method successfully detects the meaningful springs to be corrected and ignores the ones that do not have any significance on the overall visual result. The proposed approach is simple and robust and is able to achieve realistic cloth simulations without overstretching, without causing any visual artifacts, and dramatically decreasing the computational cost of the constraint enforcement process.  
Directional Constraint Enforcement for Fast Cloth Simulation
Oktar Ozgen and Marcelo Kallmann
To appear in The Fourth International Conference on Motion in Games (MIG), 2011

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