Tripath Toolkit

The 2010 standlone version of my DT, CDT and LCT triangulators is available here, including several routines for path planning and other navigation queries. Examples only depend on OpenGL and GLUT, therefore the code is highly portable. For more information about the algorithms behind the code, please read our related publications.

Main features

Current Version

The current version is 005 and it reflects the 2010 implementation for the SCA 2010 paper "Shortest Paths with Arbitrary Clearance from Navigation Meshes". Read also "Navigation Queries from Triangulated Meshes" (MIG 2010). No improvements to this 2010 version are being planned.

Note 1: This 2010 implementation does not guarantee robustness for all types of input because it only relies on floating point computations. It does not include the robust algorithms described in the 2014 TOG paper.

Note 2: This 2010 implementation also does not include the updated LCT definition of the 2014 TOG paper.

In summary, the updated LCT definition, complete handling of dynamic operations, and robustness algorithms that are described in the TOG 2014 paper "Dynamic and Robust Local Clearance Triangulations" are not integrated in this toolkit.


Update: Sorry this software is no longer maintained for public releases. The newest version is starting to be commercialized by Geometric Spaces.