Motion Planning and Autonomy for Virtual Humans

A class offered at SIGGRAPH 2008 in Los Angeles.


Julien Pettre
Marcelo Kallmann
Ming C. Lin


James Kuffner
Michael Gleicher
Claudia Esteves
Julien Pettre
Ming C. Lin
Marcelo Kallmann
Jean-Paul Laumond

Class Notes

Full Notes (30MB)

Summary (6.6MB)

Synthesis by Example (Gleicher - 1.8MB)

Navigation for a Virtual Human (Esteves - 2MB)

Design and Simulation of Virtual Crowds (Pettre - 2MB)

Path Planning and Navigation for Multi-Agents and Crowds (Lin - 1.7MB)

Autonomous Object Manipulation for Virtual Humans (Kallmann - 2MB)

Human Motion: Back to Real (Laumond - 2.7MB)

Bibliography (11.7MB)