Undergraduate Research Projects

If you are a UCM undergraduate student and you would like to work on a research project related to the work performed by our research group, here is what you can do:

1. First of all, read the graphics lab web pages and study our online papers. Also plan to take the CSE170 Computer Graphics course (and be sure to do well in the course!).

2. Send to me an email containing:
- a short statement of interest
- a list of the math and computer science courses you have taken (with grades)
- a list of the programming projects you have developed
- a paragraph mentioning how good is your C++ programming
- a list of the computer tools you have experience with (maya/3dsmax, visual studio, etc)
(no attachments please, just ascii text)

3. At this point you will just wait. I will contact you if a suitable project appears. If this happens you will be invited to participate as a volunteer only. If you accept to participate you will be expected to work seriously towards accomplishing your project. In exchange you will get access to our resources and most importantly learn invaluable skills. The best moment to get involved is usually during the summer when you have more time to invest in a project.

Note that when you apply to work with us I already expect that you have excellent programming abilities and some experience in my areas of research. If this is not the case then please improve your skills first before applying.

There is also the possibility to perform a project under a "upper division undergraduate reserch" class and receiving units in return. But I will only consider this option if you have already showed that you can do a good work with us.

4. From time to time we may have funded undergraduate research positions available. You will have much more chances to be selected for these positions if you have already worked with us in a project.