Requests for Letters of Recommendation

Every year I receive several requests for writing letters of recommendation. This takes time and effort. In order to ensure that your letter gets sent on time, and that I can concentrate on writing the content of your letter, please follow the instructions below:

1. First send to me an email asking me if I am willing to write a letter for you. Do this at least one month in advance of the time you actually need the letter(s) sent out. Do not send me any attachments at this time. Please write in this email the courses you have taken with me, the grades you got, and any other relevant info for me to remember you and your work.

If our only contact has been because you took classes with me, I can only write you a letter if you got good grades (ideally As). Note that for a good graduate program such a letter may be useless because it will mainly reiterate what is already on your transcript. Ideally you should ask for letters from people with whom you've worked on projects or research.

2. If I feel I can recommend you, I will send you an email agreeing to your request. At this point you need to send to me, at least 15 days in advance, the following information:

- Your statement of purpose and your resume (just the text, no forms with lots of info!).

- The list of the places where the letters are going.

- Detailed information of how to send the letters. If the letters are due online, email me the list of addresses (email/URL) where the letters have to go, accompanied by all the due dates. If the letters are due by snail mail, please leave a stamped, addressed envelope for each letter under the door of my office or with the receptionist of the School of Engineering (SE270). If forms are needed, enclose them within the envelopes and fill the obvious parts of the forms (your name, my name, your address, my address, etc.). Please also attach a hardcopy list of due dates for each letter.

3. On/around the requested mailing date of the letters, you can check with me if the letters have been sent out. However, there is no need to do this.