Information to Prospective Graduate Students

If you are interested in the research work develloped by our group and would like to join us as a graduate student please read this page.

The first thing you have to do is to formally apply to UC Merced via the graduate division webpages. When you apply, be sure to mention my name in your application letter and to say that you are interested in working in my research areas. In general I will be looking for students who already have some research experience in a topic related to my work. Available positions and funding change rapidly and therefore acceptance decisions can be made at the very last moment. Note that final acceptance decisions are not made by me but by the EECS admissions committee and by the UCM graduate division.

You are welcome to send to me a short email expressing your interest, however please note that I receive many of such emails and therefore in most of the cases I will not answer to you. I will however be sure to look into your application material in case a position is available. Remember that nothing can be done until a formal application is received by the graduate division of UC Merced. Also note that I do not accept students every year and positions are always very competitive.

To learn more about our work be sure to check the graphics lab web pages and read our papers. I am interested in both theoretical and practical topics in my research areas. Competitive applicants will have to show research experience, strong programming skills (in C++), and excellent written and spoken English.