Computer Graphics Group

We are at the second floor of the Science and Engineering 2 (SE2) building. You can look for us in rooms SE2-209 and SE2-213F. (If you come to our VR/mocap room the room is COB-268.)

Le Grand Parking Lot

Follow the red arrows (in the map below) to get to the Le Grand parking lot, which is the closest to the SE2 building. If you do not have a reserved space for you, the easiest solution is to park at the Bellevue Lot at the entrance of the campus. For up to date information about parking prices and permits, please check here.

Note: If you do not have a reserved space you need to park in a lot with a functional permit kiosk. You may also try the North Bowl parking lot, which is closer than the Bellevue Lot. You can see it in this full map here. Additional maps and further directions are available here.

(Another note: our instructions may be at times inaccurate given ongoing construction changes in our campus.)